Because we care - 24 Hours of Toowoomba

Because we care - 24 Hours of Toowoomba

We (Sarah and Marcel) have both been raised with a mindset to be helpful and to care for others.

As individuals we have always tried to contribute as much as possible to charities and good causes. 

  • For our wedding in 2016 we asked our guests to contribute to The Ocean Cleanup instead of giving us any gifts.
  • On a visit to Australia back in 2017 Marcel was the highest fundraiser at the Buderim9 challenge, securing funds to support Queenslanders with Cerebral palsy.

As business owners we try to do the same.

  • As FFWD Singapore owners, back in 2019 we supported Alan Bradley in his epic Race Across America by providing him with wheels but we also sponsored his good cause “The ocean cleanup” with a significant financial contribution.
  • In 2020 as the new owners of Bikeline we continued to support the Toowoomba Ride the Range event by the local Rotary. And we provided a financial contribution to Protea place, Toowoomba’s women support centre.
  • In early 2021 Ryan Fowler visited us at Bikeline and explained what his charity Rio’s legacy does. We assisted him with discounted services and free use of our road bike travel case. Unfortunately COVID caused his challenge to be postponed. Of course we assisted him again when he got his window to safely perform his challenge. 
  • When asked by Life flight if we’d support their gala of course we said yes and we provided them with a free bicycle for their auction. As well as gift cards for our Cafe de Velo and for our bicycle rentals.
  • When we were asked to join in a ride to support Colon Cancer awareness of course we said yes and rode with inspirational Mal to Warrick. His presentation really opened our eyes on how big of a disease colon cancer actually is for people of all ages. Hence we bought 20 of the test kits that they were promoting in this ride to be distributed to people in the Toowoomba cycling community. Learn more about this here.
  • Recently we were asked to supply an e-bike to a lady with lung cancer. Her friends and the community had raised funds to cover the regular retail price of the bike. Of course we ensured to provide a large discount so all the relevant accessories could also be purchased to safely ride the bike and we delivered the bike the same day to Highfields.
To do something more significant we decided to introduce to Toowoomba:

The 24 hours of Toowoomba 

A cycling event by Cafe de Velo and Bikeline to raise funds for charity. This year all proceeds will go to the Toowoomba Hospital foundation.

On the 7th of October at 3pm we will set off to have Toowoomba cyclists riding for the next 24 hours. With many riders and clubs involved we’re looking forward to an event with multiple disciplines and riders young to old. Finishing on Friday the 8th at 3PM.

We would be very grateful if you’re willing to give a few dollars for this great cause. Please donate here: 24 hours of Toowoomba - Donate

Already confirmed are riders from the BMX club, TMBC, Murray Greys, TRBUG, Toowoomba Grammar school and several other road cycling groups.

All of Friday the 8th of October we will offer FREE COFFEE at Cafe de Velo if you tap the Toowoomba Hospital Foundation donation EFTPOS which charges 5 dollars to your credit card. 

So on Friday the 8th of October, come and say hi and check out how many kilometres the combined groups have clocked up.

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