The most amazing outdoor experience right at our doorstep!

Adults, E-bike, Turbo -

The most amazing outdoor experience right at our doorstep!

The past months Bikeline has organised weekly guided gravel rides to Pechey or Gehem forestry. We’re aiming to have this as a year round weekly activity for tourist and local customers from Toowoomba. 

Come ride with us for 2 hours in the fresh air, surrounded by trees and wildlife. If you spend most days in an office or indoor environment, that’s a gift to your physical and mental health. 

But I hardly ever ride a bicycle!

  • As long as you know how to ride a bicycle that’s enough. Most of the rides we did we were passed by maybe 2-4 cars in total so it’s a really low traffic experience and hence a low risk.

But I have no fitness!

  • No worries on one of our e-bikes this +/- 25 km experience is a breeze. The fresh air and outdoor will do you good!

Our owner Marcel is the one who leads these rides. With 10,000’s of kilometres of experience in leading road cycling groups in Singapore he knows how to provide the right tips and tricks to have a safe ride for everyone. It’s a casual experience and we can adjust based on the needs of the group.

In case something does go wrong - Marcel is trained in First Aid.

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