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The all new Specialized Jett kids bike. Specifically made for growing kids! Developed from observing how kids ride. App support for parents to measure and made the necessary adjustments recommended every 6 months!

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ANGI senses then alerts you love ones

If the ANGi sensor detects a potential crash during your ride, it will connect to the Ride App on your smartphone, sound an alarm, and start a countdown. If you’re okay, you just cancel the countdown and keep riding. If you’re injured and unable to cancel the countdown, the Ride App will send a text alert to your emergency contacts telling them you may have been in an accident.

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Essentially, if you hit your head on a rock or log (hopefully you don't) at an angle, the helmet will absorb some of the rotational force before it passes through to your brain. This lessens the chances of a brain injury or concussion.
For your complete protection, look for the MIPS logo!

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This week we have the new Specialized Turbo Como SL 4.0! With the SL Electric motor and battery system, it's lightweight yet powerful with the battery range to boot!

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