Magicshine Rear Light SeeMee 300

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The main light utilises two LEDs with a combined max output of 300 lumens and with different lens angles for increased visibility. (Max Visibility Distance 3000 Meters)

Projects a 360° red warning light to ensure all-around visibility to keep you safer on the road.  Take your safety to the next level with a superior 260° visibility, which helps other road users see you even from the side.

The brake sensor detects your movement and becomes brighter as soon as you brake.

Be seen day and night. The light sensor detects ambient conditions in real-time and automatically adjusts the brightness.
*OptiTracing light is controlled by the light sensor and will be off during the daytime.

Three-level indicator accurately displays the power left in your light.
GREEN: 21%-100%, RED: 11%-20%, FLASHING RED: 1%-10%.

If the battery runs low, ECO mode kicks in to keep the light on and bring you home safely. When the remaining battery power is 10% or less, it will automatically turn to ECO mode.
*The brake function is disabled during this period.

Featuring an IPX6 waterproof rating, SEEMEE 300 is more than capable in severe weather.

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