Magicshine Front Light RN 1200

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The RN 1200 has a graduated output of 300, 600 or 1200 lumens.
Supported by the scattering optics, it spreads a lateral light field with an opening angle of around 150 °.
The advantage is obvious: full-depth illumination of up to 130m, good lateral illumination, and limited in height.

The integrated high-light cell 21.700 with 4Ah enables lighting times of 1.5h - 6h and in flash mode up to 7h. The remaining time is indicated in colour by the I / O pressure switch. Green 100%, red 20%, flashing red 10% remaining charge. Charging via the USB-C port is flexible and convenient at any available USB / mains connection. The ideal addition: The RN 1200 can also be used as a power bank via the USB-C connection!

  • Max. 1200 lumens
  • 3 light levels + 2 flash levels
  • 21,700 LI ION cells, 4.0Ah
  • USB-C socket & charging cable
  • Powerbank function
  • Mounting straps Ø25.4-35 mm + Aero
  • Housing incl. battery 107x31x31mm , 172gr
  • Garmin & GoPro assembly
  • Compatible with other brackets,
  • E.g. TTA bracket, bayonet bracket

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