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It is the small details that make the difference that the engineers at DT Swiss attach great importance to. SINC Ceramic ball bearings are based on such details. Because thanks to the optimization of these details, you simply roll away from the field, your buddies or your personal best on DT Swiss wheels with a SINC upgrade.

Professional drivers choose nothing other than SINC Ceramic bearings for their racing bikes. On race day, you can be sure of this advantage: knowing the very best bearing technology in your wheels.

SINC ceramic ball bearings have been developed by DT Swiss as a system. They are based on balls made of the ceramic material silicon nitride (Si3N4), which is extremely resistant, wear and corrosion resistant. The bearing rings consist of a specially developed steel alloy that is adapted to the properties of the ceramic material and are precision ground.
This combination reduces the rolling resistance to an absolute minimum and ensures an extended durability compared to conventional ball bearings.
But not only the warehouse itself is intended as a system. Only by adapting the tolerances in the thousandths of a millimeter range, exactly matching the tolerances of the bearing seats of DT Swiss hubs, SINC Ceramic bearings develop their full performance and offer the decisive advantage over competing products.

- Even when installed, the optimal distance between the ceramic balls and the bearing ring (internal clearance) is ensured. This ensures the lowest possible rolling resistance and prevents wear on the bearings.

-The combination of ceramic bearings and steel bearing rings (hybrid bearings) means that there is no corrosion between the balls and the ring, which significantly improves the service life. In addition, the bearing ring is permanently smoothed by the extremely hard balls, which ensures a permanently minimal rolling resistance.

-The bearing cage, which holds the balls in their position, consists of a material adapted to the ceramic balls and has been developed specifically for each bearing size. As a result, balls and cage fit together perfectly, which further minimizes the friction in the bearing.

-The high-quality sealing system of SINC Ceramic bearings guarantees optimal functioning with minimal friction under all conditions. This is achieved through various measures: only a sealing ring is used on the outside, only a protective ring is applied on the inside. The seal seat is precision-ground for perfect seal concentricity and thus minimal rolling resistance. This technology is unique in the world and is only used for SINC Ceramic bearings.

-Each DT Swiss SINC bearing is individually checked and tested.

NOTE: Please follow the instructions carefully! If the tools or specialist knowledge required for the installation are missing, we recommend having the installation carried out by a specialist dealer.

Technical specifications:

intended use : Tuning your wheels
Material: stainless steel, ceramic
No.3: Compatibility: SPLINE® RC non-disc - RC 28/38/55 C & T and non-disc, 240s non-disc hub set - VR: Ø5 / 100 mm - HR: Ø5 / 130 mm

No.4: Compatibility hub sets: 240s Center Lock Disc hub set VR 5 x 100 mm / 15 x 100 mm, HR 5 x 135 mm / 12 x 142 mm
Dimensions of the bearings: 2x Ø17 / 26 x 5 mm, 2x Ø15 / 28 x 7 mm

Weight: 44g

Scope of delivery:
1x DT SWISS upgrade kit SINC Ceramic consisting of 4 bearings
1x 4GB USB stick with assembly instructions
1x sticker sheet

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