Basil Bicycle Crate

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This crate comes in a variety of sizes to suit your needs, while easy attachment via the Basil Crate-Mounting system makes it a must. If you’'re always out and about on your bike, you’ll need a bicycle crate that can withstand everyday wear and tear.

The Basil Crate is just the basket for you. Hard-wearing materials and a sturdy construction ensure it’'ll hold up well against tough rides and all weather adventures.

Worried about fitting? No need to be. This crate attaches to your luggage carrier via the Basil Crate-Mounting system without the need for complex tools.

Bear in mind, the total load-bearing capacity of this crate will ultimately depend on the weight allowable by your carrier, so check this first before loading up on essentials. 

Use BAS AC CR KIT (Crate Mounting Kit) for a secure installation. . 

Suitable for Basil’s Crate-Mounting system.
MIK Adaptor Compatible.