Eat your way to 20% discount!


If you visit Cafe de Velo in the next few months ask our barista to print your receipt!

Here's how it works - calculation example:

  • You have eaten at Cafe de Velo 2 times and spent $50 each time ($100 in total).
  • When you go and buy something at Bikeline you can get up to $100 in discount but only up to 20% of the original value.
  • Buy a $1000 dollar bike and you will receive $100 as discount.
  • Buy a $400 dollar accessory you will receive $80 dollar discount (20% of 400).
  • Not in combination with other Bikeline Promotions.
  • Can be used with other Cafe de Velo promotions on the cafe receipts.
  • Can be used on Lay by’s and also with additional cafe receipts added later to the Lay by.
  • For Bikeline purchases finished in October, November and December only.
So make sure you ask our barista to print your receipts if you want to make use of this promotion!

You can use as many Cafe de Velo receipts as you like.

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