Safety First - Helmet renewal

Bicycle helmets are an important part of your cycling gear. Wearing the right size and shape of helmet for the activity is crucial. 

A wrong size or poorly fitted helmet may actually cause more injury than protection. 

If you have had a good crash with the helmet it is always wise to replace it immediately. 

At Bikeline we want to enable everyone to continue to ride safely so for the next few months we bought in a large number of Specialized helmets and we are offering pallet deals when you hand in your old helmet in store. 

All we ask is for you to sign up to our newsletter and then head into the store to hand in your old used helmet and you will get 40% discount on a new one of your choice.

You know what's even cooler! When we hit 500 signups you stand a chance to win $500 in Store credit towards a new bike.

So Bin it and Win it!

Bin it and win it

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