When Needed

  • Wipe over bike
  • Wipe chain and cassette
  • Lubricate chain
  • Adjust front & rear derailleurs
  • Adjust front & rear brakes



3-6 Months

  • + Bronze service
  • Full bike wash
  • Degrease chain & cassette
  • Check headset, bars & stem
  • Check cranks & pedals
  • Check wheel condition & inflate tyres
  • Ensure all nuts & bolts are to recommended torque specs



6-12 Months

  • + Silver service
  • Check & grease bottom bracket
  • Check & grease headset
  • Check & wheel cones
  • True wheels
Most popular



Every Year

  • + Gold service
  • Strip bike, wash & polish
  • Degrease chain, cassette, cranks & chainrings
  • Install new gear & brake inner cables (included)
  • Replace bar tape / grips (parts extra)
  • Upgrade Di2 Firmware
  • Service Free Hub


Q.   What if my bike doesn't need a service but needs a part fitted, or adjusted?

A.   No problem - we can fit any part and as per industry standards we charge in 15 minute blocks. Starts at $20

Q.   What if I bought parts online?

A.   No problem - we will happily fit parts purchased online (but for our local business to continue to sponsor local cycle events and riders, support shop rides and lobby for better cycling facilities, we do need your support, so we just ask that before you buy them you check with us as we do our very best to be price competitive)

Q.  Do you offer a Service Guarantee?

A.  We stand by our work 100% If your bike has been in for service and we miss a small issue, we are not happy. Bring it back within 5 days of the work and it will be adjusted totally free of charge.

Q.   Do you work on all bike brands and models?

A.   Absolutely! Bring us your department store cheapie, your hipster commuter or your top end filth. We thrive on them all.

Q.   Do you service Suspension and Disc Brakes?

Q.   We sure do. All major suspension and brakes in-house, including Fox, Rockshox and Marzocchi. From $60.00) Shimano and Avid disc brakes bled and adjusted in-house. (From $20.00)

Book-in for a service

Please Note - Bronze and Silver services can generally be completed within 24hrs. Gold service may require 48hrs or longer. Platinum service up to 72 Hours.

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