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Amigo is extremely versatile, this fantastic electric bike will have your back no matter where you want to go or what you want to carry. Fat tyres, front fork suspension, and comfy suspension seat post allow you to tackle any terrain. Front and rear carry tray offer serious carry potential. Convert the back tray into a flat seat to carry passengers. Rear carry basket also available.

Amigo is for people that want an electric bike that can do it all. Carry the kids, carry the shopping. Zip down to the beach and tackle some off road sand riding. Amigo’s capabilities and utility are only limited to your imagination. Complete with powerful high-torque brushless rear hub motor with middle axel torque sensor experience a truly smooth riding experience.

Here are just some of this fat tyre high torque step through all-terrain e-bike’s great inclusions.

  • 48V high torque BAFANG brushless rear hub motor
  • Middle axel torque sensor
  • Front fork suspension
  • Front & rear racks for carrying cargo (rear rack rated to carry 65kg)
  • Integrated lights F/R
  • Light alloy frame
  • Front and rear TEKTRO hydraulic disc brakes
  • 8-speed SHIMANO gear set
  • Comfy leather JUSTEK saddle
  • Thumb throttle
  • Big Stone Colour LCD display screen
  • Fat tyres (F/R 20 x 4 inch)
  • 48V/15AH SAMSUNG battery (expect up to 60km+ range per-charge)
  • Charger included
  • Top speed up to 40+km/h
  • Weatherproof, fine to ride rain or shine
  • 1 Year warranty on motor, electrics and battery
  • 2 Year warranty on frame
  • Austrlian owned

High-Powered High-Torque BAFANG Rear Hub Brushless Motor

Smooth and fast, with predictable, easy-to-manage power. Amigo comes with a high-powered high-torque Bafang rear hub brushless motor.

The Bafang brushless rear hub motor sits discretely in the middle of the back wheel. By pedalling your Amigo, the motor will activate. It’ll provide you with intelligent 1:1 pedal assistance to help speed you forward. Expect to travel further, faster, with less effort. If you prefer not to pedal, you can achieve speeds by using the half-grip throttle, similar to a motorcycle (no pedalling required!).

Bafang is the leading name in the e-bike motor engineering. Holding a proven track record of almost two decades, they’ve earned a solid reputation within the e-bike industry as one of the most reliable and best performing motors around.

Coming with a one-year minimum guarantee, in the very unlikely chance it fails within this time get a full replacement under warranty. Expect it to last much, much longer. It’s designed for performance, made to stand the test of time. It’ll get your powering up the steepest of hills or cruising at speed along the flats.

Front & Rear Tektro Hydraulic Disk Breaks

Improved stopping power & less maintenance. When you have a motor that is both high-powered and high-torque, it’s crucial to be able to stop quickly when necessary. Amigo is equipped with TEKTRO hydraulic disc brakes which allow you to do just that.

Hydraulic brakes are superior to most other types of brakes because they offer improved stopping power, more precise control, and better durability with much less maintenance required to maintain them ongoing.

When you squeeze the brake lever on your Amigo the hydraulic fluid transfers the force from the lever to the calliper, resulting in a more immediate and powerful braking force. This allows for more precise control over your speed, particularly in challenging terrain or when traveling at high speeds.

Hydraulic brakes are much less prone to wear and tear compared to mechanical brakes too. They require little ongoing maintenance to maintain their performance. To explain this a little, hydraulic brakes auto-adjust ongoing as the brake pads wear down meaning you maintain top stopping power and safety ongoing. Mechanical brakes on the other hand require you to manually re-adjust and reset the position of the brake pads every 2-4 weeks as the brake pads wear to maintain top performance and safety.

Intelligent Pedal Assist

travel further, faster, with more ease. Chose from 5 levels of assistance to help you on your ride. As you pedal, sensors will detect your pedal cadence and speed and apply an appropriate level of power assistance to help spur you on. As you move up the settings, you’ll be doing less work and feel less resistance on the pedals. If you’re in top settings, light pedalling that you might associate with traveling ~10km/hr on a non-powered bike will allow you to travel up to ~40km/hr+. If you can comfortably hit 40km/hr riding a non-powered bike, then you can extend your distance as you will require a lot less effort to maintain that same speed for greater distances using the pedal assist.

Pedal assist allows people of any ability to tackle rides of greater distance and more varied terrain than they would otherwise ride without assistance. If you can ride a non-powered bike for a few KMs, with pedal assist you could potentially extend your range to 10s of KMs if you wanted.

If you’re after more of a workout you can keep the power settings in the lower ranges. If you want a cruisier ride then you can keep the power settings high. Similarly, if hills were putting you off riding a bike, pedal assist will allow you to pedal up them as though you were pedalling along flat terrain.

Pedal assist allows you to travel further, faster, with more ease. Arrive at your destination sooner, feeling fresh.

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