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URBAN e-Bike– your ultimate solution to experience top-notch comfort and budget-friendly transportation. URBAN electric bike is a foldable solution of a very light electric bike for seamless transport and storage. You can zip to the train station with ease and ride up to 40 km with pedal assist and 25 km/h motor support. With a sturdy frame and powerful engine, the URBAN weighs less than 20 Kg but can carry up to 120 kg of weight. You can easily ride even after dark thanks to its fully integrated LED lights in both at the front and at the rear.


The URBAN folding e-bike is the ultimate comfort transport solution on a small electric bike. Whether you ride it to and from the train station, easily fold it to just 50m x 65cm x 85cm and take it on the train, or in the boot of your car, at just under 20Kg the URBAN is our lightest e-Bike and made for easy transport and storage.

Battery: Its 360Wh Samsung battery is locked inside the frame. It can be charged on the bike, but also easily be unlocked and removed, to charge elsewhere in just 5 hours.

Throttle: The 20km/h thumb throttle lets you ride the URBAN as a sit-down e-scooter for up to 30km+ of pedal-free riding.

Pedal-assist mode- The pedal-assist mode of this folding electric bike unlocks the full 25km/h of motor assistance for over 40km+ of automatically activated motor-assisted range while you pedal.

Load Capacity– Both, the frame and the motor of the URBAN are rated for a total load of up to 120 kg.

Motor Power- The 40Nm of torque from the rear hub motor, together with the 7 Shimano gears ensure you will flatten the steepest of hills with comfort and ease.

Night Riding– Night riding is safe with an URBAN folding electric bike. With the press of a button, the fully integrated front and rear LED lights are turned on. The front light has optical beam management to illuminate the path ahead without blinding oncoming riders.

Foldability- The small and light weight URBAN folding e-bike is the perfect fold-and-go mobility for young and young at heart. Great for Nomads as it easily folds to fit inside mobile homes, caravans and even into the boot of a small car.

What are folding e-bikes used for?

Folding e-bikes are adaptable and can be used for a wide number of reasons. They are generally used for urban transportation. Folding electric bikes are suitable for short city journeys like commuting to work, running errands or leisurely rides. They are also popular among those who have limited storage capacity. People who live in a small house or have limited storage space, such as in caravans and mobile homes and require a compact and readily storable bike, often go for a folding e-bike. If you want to take full advantage of the best folding electric bike, try out the URBAN e-bike by RILU.

The URBAN folder is the perfect fold and go mobility for young and young at heart. Great for Nomads as it easily folds to fit inside mobile homes, caravans and even into the boot of a small car

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