Orbea eMX 24 Red-Black

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Your kids will follow you wherever you go and reach any hill you reach. With the new eMX 24, we give you the best assistance to help elevate your kids to new heights.

It’s time to start enjoying more of what’s important. If you’re an athlete, are active, and have children or want to enjoy more time in their company, we have something for you: it’s called eMX 24, and it's the first e-bike for kids from Orbea. It’s lightweight (only 15.5 kg, 5 kg less than any other e-bike on the market), with age-appropriate assistance that can be adjusted via the app. Its integration also places us ahead of any other bicycle on the market. If you want to start instilling a love for bikes in your kids so that they learn, evolve and set no limits for themselves, the eMX 24 is your bicycle.

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