K-Edge PRO Combo Mount for Wahoo BOLT, ELEMNT - 35.0mm

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Why choose the K-Edge Combo Mount?
  • Places your Wahoo ELEMNT on top and action camera below
  • Fits all GoPro interface cameras
  • Center, out front and rock solid locking system - improves video by removing plastic mount shake
  • Made in the USA, Lifetime Guarantee against material or manufacture defects (Damages due to abuse or crashing excluded)
Designed specifically for the Wahoo ELEMNT. Now with GoPro style interface for your action camera. The Combo Mount lets your computer sit in the ideal position: centered, in-front and flush with the top of your handlebars.
The Combo Mount holds your action camera out of the way, out of sight and centered over your front wheel. The aluminium design keeps your ELEMENT unit perfectly rigid and removes flex that can result in blurry video footage.
The replaceable plastic insert has been designed and extensively tested with the purpose of breaking away prior to your computer body tabs, in the advent of a crash.
- Specifications -
  • Compatibility - 35.0 mm handlebars
  • Material - anodized aluminium (100% carbon-safe)



An integral part of K-Edge mounts are the connection where the arm and clamp are joined by two assembly bolts located on the underside of the mounts. THESE ASSEMBLY BOLTS ARE NOT MEANT TO BE REMOVED OR TAMPERED WITH AT ANY TIME. The torx head bolts are installed using a permanent thread-lock compound. Doing so will void all warranties.

We highly suggest you follow the recommendations in the Garmin EDGE instructions that recommend use of the provided tether leash.


K-EDGE Combo Mount are NOT DESIGNED to hold a Cycliq Fly 12. Cycliq Fly 12 users should choose the K-EDGE K13-410, K13-420, K13-2450 GO BIG camera/light mounts.


K-EDGE mounts co-polymer plastic computer inserts are designed to hold the corresponding computer ONLY (Garmin- black, WAHOO- blue, SIGMA – red), and breakaway in a crash to protect the computer body.