Buzzrack Beetle 4x4 2 Bike Tyre Mounted Bike Carrier

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The Beetle 4×4 provides an easy way to carry bikes utilising the spare tyre.

• The geometry of the BEETLE frame allows a quick and easy installation on most spare tyres. Solidly built of steel and high impact resistant plastic materials. No tools required, 100% assembled.

• Using the hub mechanism, you can adjust, fold or unfold the rack without need for any extra tool.
• The soft cradles and rubber straps allow an easy attachment of the bikes without damaging the paint. The cradles can be tightened to the rack. The cradles are made a a hard and a soft part to protect the bike frame.
They are quick and easy to use. They have been 100% tested in our production line.
• The product is supplied with an additional safety strap that allows to secure the bike.
• A protective pad covering an anti-sway tube will prevent the bike from moving and damaging the spare wheel, protecting the bike at the same time.
• Depending on the car model, you can find the spare tyre positioned to the right or left side. The bike support tube can be installed accordingly to fit all these cars
• The BEETLE can be folded and will take no space in your car.