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Need a few extra straps to secure your bike to your boot/hatch or hitch bike rack, look no further. These stretchy rubber straps come in pairs and are durable and dependable, keeping your bike safe and secure for years to come. We have used these straps on our racks since 2004. Each strap has 8 holes which are 1.3cm in diameter. Prior to 2004 we used rubber straps called World Straps, which each have 5 holes that are 1.9cm in diameter.


  • Stretchy straps to secure bikes to boot/hatch and hitch bike racks
  • Durable rubber construction for long-lasting use
  • Serves as a replacement strap for all Yakima hitch and trunk racks manufactured since 2004
  • Compatible with DoubleDown Ace, DoubleDown, KingJoe, SuperJoe and SpareTime
  • Sold in pairs