Bicycle Repairs

At Bikeline we are very proud of our mechanics. With many years experience in the bicycle industry, our mechanical staff, are second to none.

Jack, Matt and Shane have a mass of experience between them,  and as active daily cyclists, are fully aware of how essential it is that your bicycle is tuned for optimum performance. All the boys contine to refine their skills by undertaking the various Specialized Tech Courses which keeps them well abreast of all the the latest MTB Forks and Shock rebuilds and above industry standard Hydraulic Brake Bleeds.

If it’s wheel your after then Jack and Matt are your go to men. Name your demon, be it BMX, MTB or Road wheels, the boys build them to last.

Our mechanics are not just mechanics though!! They are also cyclists who love every aspect of cycling whether it is professional racing or a leisurely ride in the park. When they ride their bikes they want them to perform perfectly and more importantly they want yours to perform perfectly too.

Below is a list of our standard services but should you require anything else, contact us for a complete menu on what we can do.

Bronze Service $59

Recommended as needed

  • Wipe over bike
  • Wipe chain and cassette
  • Lubricate chain
  • Adjust front and rear derailleurs
  • Adjust Front & Rear Brakes

Silver Service $119

Recommended every 3-6 months

  • Full bike wash
  • Degrease chain and cassette
  • Lubricate chain
  • Adjust front and rear derailleurs
  • Adjust front and rear brakes
  • Check and tighten headset, bars and stem
  • Check and tighten cranks and pedals
  • Check wheel condition and inflate tyres
  • Inspect and adjust all nuts and bolts to recommended torque settings

Gold Service $189

Recommended every 6-12 months

  • Silver service plus…
  • Remove bottom bracket, grease and re-install
  • Remove headset, grease and re-install
  • Check and adjust Wheel cones
  • True wheels

Titanium Service $299

Recommended every 12 months

  • Gold service plus…
  • Strip bike, wash and polish
  • Remove and degrease chain, cassette, cranks and chainrings
  • Install new gear and brake inners (included)
  • Remove and replace bar tape/grips (parts extra)
  • Remove free hub and service
  • Bleed Hydraulic Brakes (MTB)
  • Upgrade DI2 Firmware